21 Days for Breakthrough

2 Samuel 5:20 – “So David went to Baal-perazim and defeated the Philistines there. “The Lord did it!” David exclaimed. “He burst through my enemies like a raging flood!” So, he named that place Baal-perazim (which means “the Lord who bursts through”).

I love that David exclaims, “The Lord did it!” Yes, David had Breakthrough – Victory and Success – but only because he sought the Lord. Like the waters bursting through a dam, the Lord can suddenly and dramatically change what’s in front of you. 

If you want a Breakthrough year, then you must begin by seeking God. I cannot find anyone in the Bible that had a Breakthrough that didn’t first seek God. David sought God, and God answered. Jehoshaphat sought God, proclaimed a fast, and God answered. When we prioritize seeking God, He shows up! Because as our Father He desires to be with us. But He wants to be invited. Because He desires relationship not manipulation with us! Love is never manipulative.

David sought God, and God answered.

The truth that we all must come to understand, is that no matter how hard we try, the truth is that we are not self-sufficient. God in His love will allow us to attempt to live that way. But, most of us have found out the hard way just how flawed we really are. Jesus says in John 15:15, “Apart from me, you can do nothing.” As I said this past Sunday is that what I have found out is that when I do things my way it usually ends up in hurt and disappointment. The truth is that we can do a lot of things on our own, but the impact and fruit of our efforts really will amount to “nothing” unless Jesus empowers us.

Do you need a Breakthrough? Then Break Out! Break out of the norm and do something different! Join us in our annual 21 days of Fasting and Prayer. Consecrate special times of getting alone with God. If you keep doing or giving the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same thing. Some people have been tipping God so long and have settled for a trickle of God in their lives, believing that’s normal. Breakout – by giving God the whole 10%. Others have become satisfied with a little 2% or 3% annual cost of living raise. Breakout – do something different, start by giving God the 10% that He asked. Then you’ll see the God of the Breakthrough come in like a flood and defeat your enemies. Let your dissatisfaction motivate you to do something different. I believe God wants to make your life in 2020 a year of incredible Breakthrough. Breakout step up in faith, by doing something different. Make this year – 2020 the year of distinguishable BREAKTHROUGH!

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”