Psalm 107:1,2-“GIVE THANKS to the Lord for He is good!! For His mercy endures forever. Let the redeemed of the Lord say so, whom HE HAS REDEEMED from the hand of the enemy.”

I want to encourage you to take a minute and reflect on all the good things in your life. Family, Friends, Health, Provision. You make your list. But make sure that Jesus is at the top of your list. The salvation that we have is solely and totally because of the price that He paid for us on the cross. We have done nothing to deserve Him, so with great exclamation, we must always give Him Praise, Thankfulness, and Honor! Every good thing that we have is because of the goodness of our Loving Father. Now give Him Thanks!

Because God is the same YESTERDAY, TODAY and FOREVER we can rest assured that anything that we might currently be dealing with will result in our victory. Our Father changes not and we can always count on Him being faithful… NOW THANK HIM for your current situation resulting in victory! That’s faith speaking and faith always brings the victory (Hebrews 11:6).

As I reflect, I am thankful for you, the many friends that God has blessed my life with over the years, from all over the nation. To you, I say Thank You! And the great people of my spiritual family at 3 Rivers Family Church, what God is doing is so Awesome. We are on the brink of a great move of God. I encourage you, remain faithful. Your perseverance will be rewarded. You have continued to encourage me and Sue. Thank you! You are a blessing from God our Father.

Be Blessed and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”