Wine Please

Luke 5:37- “No one puts new wine into old wineskins… v.38- But new wine must be put into new wineskins, and both are preserved.”

Here in Luke 5, Jesus tells us that NO ONE (including God) will put NEW WINE into old wineskins. One of the references in the Bible to the Holy Spirit is WINE. We see in Acts 2 when God birthed the church that the Holy Spirit was poured out, the believers had an intoxicating, joyful experience and expression. This was NEW WINE being poured into new wineskins. This was a new experience and a new encounter. It had never been done like this before, yet it was God. But at the same time of this NEW WINE being poured out we see the religious skeptics response in Acts 2:13, “these men are full of NEW WINE.” Meaning it to be judgmental and critical about something they didn’t understand. But it was true, these believers were full of NEW WINE. Sadly, these religious skeptics still exist today. The thing that we must always understand is that everything God does; He does out of love and for the purpose of experiencing Him. 

A wineskin becomes old because the wine steward (believer) fails to keep the skin oiled, causing it to get dried up, brittle and rigid (religious). When the skin becomes dry it no longer has any capacity to stretch or expand – it is at its limit. As believers, if we don’t stay oiled up with the presence of the Holy Spirit, we become the same way – dried up, rigid, and we lose the capacity to stretch and expand our thinking or the ability to receive what God is doing. When that happens in our lives, we have limited our ability for further transformation. This is nothing new. Typically, the people that were involved in the last move of God become stuck and critical of the new thing that God is doing. When all along God is wanting everyone to be included in the NEW WINE being poured out. 

Everything God does, He does out of Love and for the purpose of experiencing Him.

In order for us to expand and enlarge our capacity for NEW WINE, we must keep our wineskin oiled and filled with the Holy Spirit. Anytime we become critical of something that we don’t understand it’s an indication of our Holy Spirit tank being low and in need of filling. God wants 2019 to prepare us for 2020. I believe that 2020 will be a year for us to have great encounters with Him. Great encounters always bring about great experiences and expressions of the Holy Spirit. I believe that 2019 is the threshold of the NEW WINE that God is preparing to pour out in 2020. This NEW WINE outpouring of God’s can only be experienced in new wineskins (those with a hunger and heart of expectancy). In order to receive what God is wanting to do, we must be willing to change and keep ourselves from old mindsets, old attitudes and old habits. In other words, we cannot allow ourselves to become religious, dry or rigid. The attitudes of, “I know it all”, “I know how God moves”, “I must understand it to believe it” or “it’s never been done like that before” are all old judgmental wineskins and religious attitudes of pride. One of the predominant old wineskin attitudes says, “I want God to be predictable.” We must not allow ourselves to come close to having this attitude. It will stifle our ability to grow and expand in our relationship with our Father. 

Part of our challenge is that we don’t like change. We like familiarity. That is why religious churches exist, going through the same program week after week, not allowing the Holy Spirit to show up. We must be people of expectancy. There is no limit to our growth because there is no limit with our God. We must expect and desire for Holy Spirit to show up and express what God is wanting to do – not man. Isaiah 43:18 says to “forget the old way- it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.” Jesus said that He did not come to do His will but the Father’s (John 6:38). Even Jesus had to live in a place of expectancy and encountering the Father. It’s the greatest and most pleasurable place to live.  

There is no limit to our growth because there is no limit with our God.

The condition of the wineskin will always determine its ability to contain the contents. Jesus said in Luke 5 that when the wineskin is able to contain NEW WINE, both the WINE and wineskin are preserved. When we keep our expectations up, open and receptive to everything and anything that God is wanting to do, it preserves our natural lives as well as our spiritual lives – giving us the capacity to go to a greater level of maturity and experience with God. Again, when we stay hungry there is no limit to our growth because there is no limit with our God.   

In order to receive what God is wanting to do, we must be willing to change.   

Allow this year to be the year of NEW WINE for yourself. The remainder of 2019 and 2020 can be your year of NEW encounters, NEW experiences and NEW life with God. This NEW WINE will not only preserve your life but the lives of many others because of your acceptance of God’s NEW WINE. We must become people with a dis-satisfaction for religion and the status quo. This NEW WINE will mean tremendous breakthroughs and unprecedented victories in 2020 for those with a heart of expectancy.

My prayer for you today is that you will constantly be being filled with the Holy Spirit (Ephesians 5:18) and that NEW WINE will be poured into you so that you can overflow onto others.  

Pointing People to Jesus,

Rocky Byers

“On Earth as it is in Heaven!”