The word flourish means to experience GREAT Breakthrough, Advancement and Increase! Because I am an expository teacher and because I want that great breakthrough for myself and for you, I asked the Father, “How do the righteous flourish?” And He took me to 2 Chronicles 20:20, “Believe in the Lord your God, and you shall be establishedBelieve His prophets (men of God), and you shall prosper.

One of the things that I have found out about God is that He will not make you believe anything. We choose to believe what we want. That’s called the true sovereignty of God. No matter what we believe it doesn’t change who He is – it only changes who we are. If you don’t believe that God wants you to prosper that doesn’t change the truth or change God. That’s your choice. The truth is for a son or daughter of God to not believe that their Father wants them to prosper simply means that they don’t really know their Father. They have a better relationship with religion than they do with their Father. A lot of that unbelief comes from the dysfunctional relationship’s we had with our earthly fathers. But every good father wants their kids to prosper. And I understand why some have a problem with unbelief, but it doesn’t change who God is. The Apostle John said that above ALL things (more than anything else) I want you to prosper and live in health, as your soul (mind, will) prospers (is changed) 3 John v.2. People that have an issue with financial prosperity don’t truly understand the purpose. When God’s children don’t prosper the Kingdom is limited and hindered in its purpose to reach the world. It takes money to build the church and reach the world with the gospel. My attitude has been, the more I’m blessed the more I give. I exceeded giving 10% a long time ago, so God has never had a problem getting money to me. It’s the attitudes and motives of our heart that God is truly interested in (Proverbs 4:23). God wants you to prosper whether you believe it or not.    

To Flourish is to prosper. So, for us to FLOURISH and prosper in God’s plans and purposes for our lives we must be under authority and seeking Godly relationships that speak into our lives. The word righteous in Psalm 92:12 means being in right alignment. In other words, to be in right alignment with God requires us to be in right alignment with a Pastor/Prophet. In America because of our independent spirit we have been led to believe that the only relationship that matters is our relationship with God. God does not endorse that belief nor does He teach that in His Word. According to 2 Chronicles 20:20, proper alignment with God requires that we be in relationship with a man of God (Pastor/Prophet). We are called by God to be in relationships that will speak into our lives, hold us accountable and give us Godly leadership and counsel. According to 2 Chronicles 20:20 a relationship with a Pastor/ Prophet is necessary for our own good and protection from deception. When we make decisions that affect our lives and the lives of others, it is necessary to seek counsel from a man of God (Prophet/Pastor). I am very fortunate to be in close relationship with my mentor still after 30 years. When I have an important decision to make, I can consult with him. He has always been there for me. He has not always told me what I wanted to hear, but he has always told me what I needed to hear. We may not always want relationships that hold us accountable. But in order to fulfill God’s purposes for our lives we must be in relationship with a God-called, God-ordained Pastor/Prophet. The writer of Hebrews tells us in chapter 13, “Submit to those who lead the church because they watch out for our souls.” The reason that most do not seek counsel from these relationships is they are afraid the man of God will not agree with what they feel led to do. If that is true, it does not relieve us from how God has designed for our lives to be led. If what we feel led to do is from God, it should be important enough to us to go about its God’s way – by seeking counsel from a man of God that we are in relationship with. We should always seek counsel to confirm or correct what we believe we are being led to do. If the only counsel we receive is from our friends or spouse, we will probably be deceived. Not that our friends or spouse are deceived, but our friends and spouse usually support us and go along with us because they want us to be happy. However, true happiness and fulfillment will only occur when we go about our lives the way God has designed. I encourage you to find a Pastor/Prophet that you can be in relationship with so you can, “Believe His prophets and you will PROSPER!” 

Relationships are very important to God. He has called us to live in relationships. He did not call us to live independent of loving and caring relationships. Because the enemy is a deceiver and hates the children of The Most High God, the biggest tactic he uses against us is PRIDE. Pride was his personal issue that brought him down and it’s the same issue he uses to influence us – PRIDE. Independence is nothing more than pride. Pride is the thought that I don’t need anyone. I can make it on my own. I’ll do things my way and look out for me – #1. The biggest lie the enemy tells us is, I do not need a Pastor. My relationship with God is personal – it’s between me and God. I don’t need a man telling me what to do. But the Word tells us that success comes from a multitude of counselors. “Pride comes before destruction” (Proverbs 16:18). The devil knows that if he can separate us from relationships with a true Prophet/Pastor then he can shipwreck us from God’s blessings and purposes for our lives. 

In Matthew 8:10, Jesus said this about the centurion soldier, “I tell you the truth, I have not found anyone with such great faith.” But why did Jesus recognize the centurion as a man with great faith? The centurion told Jesus, “I am a man UNDER AUTHORITY.” Jesus lived out the model of how we are to relate with God. Jesus said that He only did what the Father was doing and said what the Father was saying (John 5:19). According to the Bible, Jesus, the Word of God Himself, the one that didn’t need to be taught, attended church regularly (Luke 4:16). The truth is that none of us have a relationship with the preacher on TV. I say it like this, “I have a relationship with my remote, but I do not have a relationship with the preacher on TV.” We are created to need relationship with a Pastor/Prophet. Our lives will flourish according to our being planted in the house of God. The word planted gives the picture of roots sinking deep and being immovable. Are you a fixture in the house of God or are you easily removed? The outcome of our lives is depended upon our commitment to the house of God.  

Do not think that you are so mature that you can do life on your own – without accountability and Godly counsel. The Bible calls that PRIDE. Pride is what got Satan kicked out of heaven. My hope is that Jesus will say of you, “I have not seen such GREAT FAITH”, because you positioned yourself under authority. I’m telling you that if you do it God’s way you will flourish, and your dreams will come true (Psalm 37:4). “Believe His prophets and you will prosper.”

My prayer for you today is that you will find yourself under an anointed Pastor/Prophet, and because of being under authority you will FLOURISH and prosper!  

Pointing People to Jesus,                                                                  

Rocky Byers                                                                                                              

“On Earth as it is in Heaven”